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This summer our Youth and Family Ministries are going to embark on a reading program that will blow-your-mind!  We are going to read the four Gospels and the Book of Acts during our Summer break.  The plan is that we’ll meet together on Fridays starting at 6:30pm (first meeting at the Simmons’ House on May 30th) to talk about the program and receive the Reading Bookmark (Front & Back).  The reading should only take 10-15 minutes per day during which we’ll learn really who Jesus was from the Gospels.  Please join us!

Here is our Summer Schedule:

June 6 – @Styles G60D devo
June 14 – Seize The Clay (seizetheclay.net5:30pm-9pm (G60D devo Colebanks)
June 20 – @Simmons’ G60D devo
June 27 – Drive In movie hosted by Stewarts G60D devo
July 4 – @Styles G60D devo
July 6-12 – Swamp Camp!!
July 18 – @Colebanks G60D devo
July 25 – @Styles G60D devo
Aug 2   – Johnson Park (Collierville) hosted by Styles G60D devo