Memphis Parenting Seminar PhotoFor the past nine years, Dave and Tami have been facilitating parenting classes in the DFW Church. They have also introduced parenting courses in the Houston, St. Louis, Los Angeles, and Guatemala City Churches, as well as help get the appropriate materials to the Saint Petersburg Church in Russia.
This one day seminar is not intended to be comprehensive but to help define Biblical parenting and provide hands-on practical tools for instructing children of all ages in Biblical virtue as to equip them to be motivated by God’s more beautiful way, rather than simply the fear of punishment.
Dave and Tami were both converted while in college and have both led teen, pre-teen, and college ministries. They reside and work in the DFW area and are parents to three daughters, ranging from 13 to 9, the oldest of which gave her life to Christ this year.

Topics of this one-day seminar include:

  1. The More Beautiful Way – equipping children with moral reasoning to inspire behavior rather than relying solely on consequences.
  2. Speaking Life – how to foster an environment in the home that better reflects the father qualities of God, rather than relying on threats, lectures, and the fear of consequences.
  3. Repentance, Forgiveness, and Restoration – how to help your child relate errant behavior to relational consequences and bring about a repentant heart, reach forgiveness, and restore damaged relationships.


Class Media

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