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Every Biblical Study Tour is designed to strengthen faith, build connections among believers eager to learn, and bring the Bible to life as we transport ourselves back into history.

This year we will focus Church History. We’ll explore all wings of the Reformation, including the most radical reformers (the Anabaptists).  History comes alive when previous generations struggled with our own issues — materialism, traditionalism, legalism in the church… It’s inspiring how valiantly believers struggled to break out of medieval Christianity into a more biblical faith!

Every day we’ll visit sites that played crucial roles in the Reformation, surrounding such eminent figures as Luther, Zwingli, and Calvin — as well as the countless significant members of the Radical Reformation.

Lectures will be presented by Joey Harris (Augusta), Rolan Monje (Manila), German and Swiss believers, and yours truly. I will share my own commentary at each of the sites we visit.


Joey Harris


Rolan Monje


Gilbert Kimeng


Douglas Jacoby

Stephen Staten

Stephen Staten






The goal is to afford a clear understanding of why the abuses of the late medieval church led to the Reformation, and how this in turn triggered further Protestant developments as well as the Catholic Counter-Reformation. You will emerge from the 2015 BST with a good grasp of the 16th century, and understand why it is the hinge between the Middle Ages and the modern era.