The Plan:  Arrive in Berlin – get to hotel – Orientation Dinner

After a flight delay out of Memphis, I missed my connecting flight in Atlanta to Amsterdam – but was rebooked on a later one (which just means my 50 minute layout in Atlanta would turn into a 5 hour one and, unfortunately, won’t have as much free time when I arrive).  There was a quick connection in Amsterdam to Berlin and a quick 50 minute flight, taxi ride to the hotel = success!  One of the first faces I see, just sitting on a couch in the lobby, is Douglas Jacoby (he was there getting last minute arrangements done).

IMG_20151024_150906~2Had a quick time to tour Alexanderplatz (which is a combination of an open meeting place, much shopping, a subway stop, a TV tower, and some historical fountains all wrapped up in one).  IMG_20151024_170525~2After hearing some Scottish fellows (I’m not throughly sure they were Scottish – but they did play some good pipes & drums!), it was time to hit the local Saturn Store (which is a mega electronics shop like Fry’s Electronics or a Best Buy times 4).

IMG_20151024_201028~2We had an evening meal and Orientation for the week (and a time to meet everyone else on the tour).  There are 25 disciples here on the trip – ranging in places from Columbia, Nigeria, Switzerland, Philippines, and eleven people from the US.

After much fellowship, some much needed rest (with the extra hour as they participate in the time change also) was received.


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